Adorable Gacha Game Trickcal Re:VIVE Global Release Leaks

By admin May23,2024

The mobile gacha game Trickcal Re:VIVE, known for its super-cute and hilarious characters with ridiculously pinchable cheeks, is set for a global release.

Here’s the short story: A Reddit post turned quite a few eyes. Someone stumbled upon a hidden link to an unreleased Trickcal Re:VIVE version on the Google Play Store. The listing, which is now gone, showed English text and confirmed BiliBili Games as the publisher for the global release. BiliBili Games, huh? That caused a bit of a stir in the online gacha community.

Some folks are worried. They’ve seen how BiliBili Games has handled other global releases, and, well, let’s just say it wasn’t always received well. Others are more optimistic, hoping this is a fresh start for BiliBili and Trickcal Re:VIVE.

One user on Reddit chimed in, saying they recently finished translating the game’s story. Also, they praise it for being funny and full of internet references and recommend it to anyone looking for a casual, lighthearted game with a silly story and quirky characters.

What To Expect

Think strategic card battles with a twist. You’ll build your deck as you fight your way through dungeons, but the challenges change every time. The game’s full of references to internet jokes and pop culture. Additionally, daily tasks shouldn’t take an eternity, but be prepared to put in some effort to level up your characters.

So, should you get excited? That depends. The global release of Trickcal Re:VIVE is something to keep an eye on. While some gamers are wary of the possible publisher, the core gameplay sounds engaging, and the art style is undeniably cute.

If you’re looking for a super chill game with adorable characters and a goofy story, Trickcal Re:VIVE might be your jam. But if you’re worried about how BiliBili Games will handle the global release, you might want to wait and see how things shake out.

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