Wuthering Waves Levitator Guide – How To Burn The Thorns

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Feauture image for our Wuthering Waves levitator guide. It shows a view of a bridge in the Wuthering Waves world, with lots of greenery.

There’s one objective that’s got more than a few players stumped, so we’re going to cover that in particular, the thorny subject in Echoing Marche of ‘Use Levitator to burn off the thorns with Explosive Charge’ in. That’s.. a little vague, right? Well, in our Wuthering Waves Levitator guide, we’re here to go over what you need to do to hopefully make things a little bit easier.

Wuthering Waves is out now on Google Play. Try our Wuthering Waves character tier list too.

Wuthering Waves Levitator Guide

Right, let’s see if we can get rid of those pesky thorns.

How To Get The Levitator And How To Use It

The Levitator is a device that allows you to pick up and throw objects around.. fun! The good news is, it doesn’t involve you hunting around for one. If you keep on the main questline you should get a Levitator of your own pretty early on.. so just don’t wander off and you’ll be fine.

To activate your Levitator, you need to open your Tools menu. On touchscreen do this by tapping the Tools button on the right of the screen to open the radial. If you’re a keyboard user, hitting TAB should do the same. Then you just need to select Levitator

How To Burn The Thorns

That brings us onto the bit a lot of people seem to be stuck on, clearing the thorny barrier. You’ll find this in the Echoring Marche questline, the second part of Chapter One. Fortunately, it’s not that complicated. Just follow the steps below to complete the objective!

  • Look for a large, spherical plant in front of the barrier that appears to be burning.
  • Equip your Levitator.
  • Use it to grab the bulb on top of the plant.
  • Throw it toward the thorns. If just placed down, it won’t detonate.
  • The bulb should explode and the thorns should burn away.
  • The Detection Beacon should now be freely accessible! Nice job!

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