Attack On Titan Revolution Defense Memories Guide

By admin May22,2024
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This Attack on Titan Revolution Defense Memories Guide details what Memories are, and the Defense lineage of this unique game mechanic. If you’re the type of player who wants to stock up on health and shield from Titans, then this guide is for you!

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Attack On Titan Revolution Defense Memories Guide

Memories aren’t so straightforward. This feature offers limited slots which you can fill with new movesets varying in star ranking and combat type. Attack on Titan Revolution currently hosts three types of Memories: Offense, Defense and Support.

Additionally, Memories scale off your Skill Tree investments. This means if you input more Skills into the Defense lineage, for example, you’ll be more likely to gain Defense style Memories to equip during pulls.

Luckily, despite only having limited slots, you can reroll for new Memories using a Prestige Scroll. When used, the Scroll will display three new Memories for you to either equip or scrap in favour of your existing Memories.

Typically, the better Memories host more stars, with each Memory being ranked as either 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars. Now, let’s get into the Defense Memories!

Defense Memories

1 Star Defense Memories

  • Guardian – The player may ignore up to two injuries per match
  • Deflecta – The user has a 5% chance to completely ignore incoming damage

2 Star Defense Memories

  • Aegisurge – Unleash a temporary shield that can absorb 15% of your health in damage for 20 seconds after killing a Titan. The shield will prematurely break if you take more damage than the 15% threshold during the timer.

3 Star Defense Memories

  • Resilience – The user ignores up to 1 killing blow per match
  • Vengeflare – Reflect up to 50% of incoming damage for 20 seconds whilst the Tough as Nails Skill is active

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