The Bard Is Back On The Isle Of Rhandum During The Rush Royale Festival Of Talents!

By admin May22,2024

A brand-new event is kicking off on the Isle of Rhandum. The Rush Royale Festival of Talents starts on May 22nd and runs until June 4th. This merry festival is packed with action, challenges and a boatload of goodies. By the way, the game just crossed 83 million downloads, hence the celebration.

The Bard Is Making A Grand Comeback!

Yes, after a dramatic exit three years ago, they’re back. Remember what happened at the 27th yearly Fat Games the last time? Well, all of that is in the past now, and the Council has welcomed the Bards back to rock the fest with their melodious music.

Basically, a new event in the Rush Royale Festival Of Talents lets you face off against the formidable boss, Dissonance, and his funky sidekick, Funky Monkey. Defeat them and your hard work and skill will be rewarded with the legendary unit, the Bard!

You can also claim the Bard by completing quests, spinning the Music-Go-Round and gathering collectible cards. The Bard shows off different skills at different levels (he can go up to level 15). And if you’re new to the Rush Royale fam, you should know that the Bard toggles between Attack Mode and Music Mode.  

Next on the list of units during the Rush Royale Festival Of Talents is the legendary heroine, Fortuna. Intrigued by the random events and anomalies on the Isle, Fortuna is here to create lucky tiles while causing monsters to meet their doom. She can go up to level 20. However, Fortuna won’t be available immediately in the update. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on her launch.

There are more fun things going down in the Premium version of Rush Royale. You can check out the official announcement if you’re a Premium player. And if you’re yet to try this game out, I reckon you grab it from the Google Play Store.

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