Attack On Titan Revolution AFK Guide

By admin May22,2024
Feature image for our Attack On Titan Revolution AFK guide. It shows the AFK mode, with the character perched against a wall.

Want some free Gold and Gems without lifting a finger? Who wouldn’t? Then you’ll want to get familiar with the Attack On Titan Revolution AFK mode. Understanding how it works is key to the easiest money in the game if you know how to use it.

Attack On Titan Revolution is ready to play now on Roblox. We’ve also got an Attack On Titan Revolution modifiers guide if you want to go the opposite way and really up your challenge for extra, hard-earned rewards.

Attack On Titan Revolution AFK Guide

Let’s get down to the business of the AFK Zone.

About AFK Mode

The AFK Zone in Attack On Titan Revolution is a great way to earn both Gold and Gems. What do you need to do to earn them? Absolutely nothing! Simply leave the game running and a countdown will run down. When it reaches zero, an amount of Gold and Gems are added to your total!

You can leave this to count up for as long as you like, it has its own measures to circumvent the normal twenty-minute kick-out rule most Roblox experiences keep to.

How To Start AFK Mode

So how do you kick this all off? Read on and we’ll explain.

  • Open Attack On Titan Revolution.
  • In the main menu, select ‘AFK Zone’
  • You should transition to AFK mode.
  • You need to keep the window open to keep getting rewards. You can leave it running, or do something else in other windows. It shouldn’t disconnet.
  • Once you’re done with getting free stuff, and you want to close the game or play some of it, make sure to hit the yellow Claim button on the bottom of the screen to add the rewards to your total.
  • Hitting Claim should also take you back to the main menu. You can now play, or close out of the game.

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