Attack On Titan Revolution Controls Guide

By admin May22,2024
Feature image for our Attack On Titan Revolution controls guide. It shows a player character stood on the roof of a building, watching a Titan approach.

Slaying Titans is no easy task. That’s a message that Attack On Titan is pretty firm on, so it carries over to Attack On Titan Revolution. It’s a tricky thing as-is, without the added stress of not knowing what button does what. So, if controlling your ODM gear is giving your a headache or you’re feeling a lot more like the Essen than the Jäger, we’re here to help! Our Attack On Titan Revolution controls guide runs over everything you need to know to get started with the game and get around, with the key bindings, and tips on how to move around.

Attack On Titan Revolution is available to play now on Roblox. We’ve also got an Attack On Titan Revolution AFK guide, too.

Attack On Titan Revolution Controls Guide

The controls detailed here are aimed primarily at keyboard and mouse users, as touchscreen and controller users would have an easier time finding the correct buttons.

Default Keybinds

These are the default keybindings for the major controls in-game.

  • WASD Keys – Movement
  • LMB – Attack with blades
  • Cursor Movement – Aim ODM Gear
  • E – Fire Right ODM Grapple
  • Q – Fire Left ODM Grapple
  • SPACE – Jump
  • SPACE (When grappling with ODM gear) – Boost with gas.
  • R – Reload Blades (If you have any blades left.)
  • Number Keys – Skill Hotbar

How To Move Around With ODM Gear

Attack On Titan Revolution uses the series’ unique ODM gear as a major part of its mechanics for getting around. If you can’t effectively use the ODM, then you’re a sitting duck waiting for a Titan to munch on them. So let’s go into how to use your ODM Gear.

  • Run around on the ground and position yourself with WASD, this is mostly best for getting into a good launch position.
  • Hover your cursor over the area you want to grapple to. You can grapple to environment, or Titans.
  • Hit Q or E to launch a hook, you will speed toward the point of your cursor. You can boost with Space, too.
  • You can attack mid-air, and will mostly attack mid-air to take down Titans.
  • You can fire the other grapple of your ODM to change directions in a hurry.

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