The BEST Sols RNG Craftable Items Tier List – With Reasons! (Updated!)

By admin May15,2024
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Not all crafted items are created equal which is why I made this Sols RNG Craftable Items Tier List. Here you can learn my picks for which craftables are worth the exchange, and which you can safely ignore.

Sol’s RNG is a kid-friendly gambling Roblox game that throws you into the thrill of the roll… without the pain of having to part with Robux to roll again. Hit the button to try for a different aura. There are tons to collect, all with different rarities and visual effects. The rarer the aura, the bigger the flex.

Check out the Roblox page for more about Sol’s RNG! I also made a How To Play Sols RNG guide!

Sols RNG Craftable Items Tier List

OK, so, this is my opinion, as tier lists are truly meant to be. I built my tier list mostly based on my own gameplay and personal preference. So, expect some bias! I can justify each ranking though, I promise.


The BEST items in my opinion! These craftables are OP and essential if you want to get some of the rarest auras in the game.

  • Gear Basing – The BACKBONE of crafting. Despite its simple recipe, this item is used in making some of the most OP-crafted items and therefore is an instant S-Tier. You quite literally cannot excel in the game without it.
  • Heavenly II – +200,000% luck for the following 2 rolls. Double the luck and double the chances to get something incredible!
  • Universal I – Chance to obtain Starfall exclusive auras outside of the weather conditions for 10 minutes.
  • Galactic Device – 250% Luck boost with a 30% roll cooldown.
  • SubZero Device – 150% Luck boost with a 30% roll cooldown.
  • Gravitational Device – x6 luck based on the bonus luck boost.


Great alternatives to S-Tier and considerably easier to craft. Still useful to make, so don’t feel shortsighted if you craft these over any in the S-Tier.

  • Windstorm Device – 115% Luck boost with 25% roll cooldown.
  • Exo Gauntlet – The absolute most OP gauntlet in the game. Very hard to craft but very rewarding! +100% Luck Boost and -25% roll cooldown.
  • Solar Device – The better counterpart to Lunar Device. Simple enough to craft except for the Solar aura needed. +50% Luck Boost given when equipped.
  • Eclipse – Tricky to craft but for good reason. This is currently the ONLY aura which can be crafted at Jake’s Workshop.
  • Jackpot Gauntlet – Get all the sevens on your side! 77% luck boost putting it in second place for gauntlet luck gains. -7% roll cooldown speed, plus you earn 777 coins each time you roll a jackpot aura!
  • Fortune III – +250% luck for 10 minutes. The height of fortune potions!
  • Heavenly I – +100,000% luck for the next roll. GOATED potion to almost guarantee a high tier aura.


Average, not too tricky to craft and has a decent payoff benefit.

  • Luck Glove – Very beginner-friendly. Most players first crafted glove which gives a +25% Luck Boost.
  • Lunar Device – Relatively easy to craft par from needing the Lunar aura. Gives -25% roll cooldown which isn’t as helpful as the Luck Boost given by its Solar counterpart.
  • Fortune II – +200% luck for 7 minutes. Better than Fortune I, but still, it can go further!
  • Haste II – 50% roll cooldown for 5 minutes. Pretty solid to roll, but doesn’t increase your chances of a better aura.


Not entirely useless to craft, but you do have better options, so maybe hold off.

  • Gilded Coin – 1x Gilded aura for 1x Gilded Coin which gives 100 Cash. Cash IS useful for increasing inventory however this isn’t worth the hassle. You can find Gilded Coins and Coins on the ground, so unless you have Gilded Auras in abundance it is most likely a waste.
  • Haste I – 30% roll cooldown for 3 minutes. A little worse than Haste II.
  • Fortune I – +150% luck for 5 minutes. Not bad, but can be improved!


Why bother? Waste of materials

  • Oh, there is nothing here.

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