If You Can’t Beat Them…, Join Them! HoYoverse Unveils Zenless Zone Zero Leaks

By admin May15,2024

HoYoverse just addressed the Zenless Zone Zero leaks on the game’s official Bilibili account. They expressed their disappointment over the leaked content, which includes concept designs for unrevealed characters. Keep reading to get the full scoop!

Zenless Zone Zero Leaks: Too Late To Un-Leak, What Now?

Rather than pursuing legal action, HoYoverse took an unexpected route. They officially posted the concept art for three upcoming characters (part of the recent Zenless Zone Zero leaks). These characters are inspired by the Virtual Idol Camp, which is a temporary name.

The whole concept of Virtual Idol Camp is a nod to the idol admiration culture that the dev team digs. They believe that a group of idols can spread love and dreams through their hard work and positivity and even make their audience stronger.

The character designs are still a work in progress, but the plan is to debut them as real virtual idols once they are finished. The team intends to introduce these virtual idols, which include a lead singer, a performer, and an emotionally delicate creator, through live ZZZ broadcasts and other projects. They’ll also have other idol-related products like character songs.

The Zenless Zone Zero leaks also spilt the beans on a new faction called the ‘Sons of Calydon. However, some of the concepts in these arts have already been discarded. That’s because the devs have already tossed out a few concepts. So, the final characters might look a bit different from what’s been floating around the internet lately.

What Do You Think?

HoYoverse verified that these leaks were obtained through illegal means. Lamenting the breach, they decided to disclose the leaked content openly and urged fans to resist spreading the leaked content. If you want to get more details on what ZZZ is planning next, check out this official statement on Bilibili.

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