How To Become Elite Grade In Type Soul Guide

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Struggling to reach the pinnacle of your faction’s ranks? My How To Become Elite Grade In Type Soul Guide tells you not only what an Elite grade is, but how you can achieve it for yourself.

Check out Type Soul over on Roblox. For more Grade content in Type Soul, have a browse at our Type Soul All Grades Guide and general Type Soul Grade guide.

How To Become Elite Grade In Type Soul Guide

All the races, Soul Reaper, Arrancar and Quincy can reach Elite Grade. The process is unique for each of the races respectively, with Quincy being the less involved of the three.

Elite Grade is the pinnacle of Type Soul ranking, as a way to prove yourself and show other players your dedication and strength. Only seasoned, experienced players can reach Elite Grade and are typically some of the strongest variants of their races.

The Grades Before Elite

Regardless of faction, you automatically begin your experience as a Trainee (Soul Reaper) or Grade 5 (Hollow and Quincy). For Soul Reapers, grading up is more involved where you need a blend of Missions EXP and Divisions EXP to increase your Grade. Then, when Grade 2 you must meditate and fight your Shikai to become Semi-grade 1. You cannot meditate before being Grade 2, nor can you surpass Grade 2 if you fail the fight (You can redo the fight every hour).

For Hollow and Quincy, this process is simpler, with the only EXP needed being Missions EXP to reach Semi-grade 1. Don’t forget the Grading system is only active when you pull off your mask as a Hollow to become an Arrancar! To queue for missions, create a party (Even if you’re solo), and find a Missions board to join a queue.

How To Become Elite Grade

To become an Elite grade you need to prove your skills through multiple sources of EXP, with each faction experiencing a similar method to rank up from Semi-grade 1 to Elite Grade.

  • Elite Grade Soul Reaper Requirements – Missions EXP, Division EXP, Shikai EXP, Grip EXP and Raid EXP
  • Elite Grade Arrancar Requirements – Missions EXP, Grip EXP and Raid EXP
  • Elite Grade Quincy Requirements – Hollow NPC kills, Missions EXP, Grip EXP and Raid EXP

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