After Winning Their Lawsuit, Skillz CEO Andrew Paradise Reveals New Details On A Billion-Dollar Scam

By admin May10,2024

It seems Skillz is fiercely determined to cleanse the fraud in mobile gaming and the eSports industry of any deceitful practices. After winning their million-dollar lawsuit against AviaGames, Skillz spilt the beans on an ongoing billion-dollar scam yesterday. Keep reading to get the latest scoop on the Skillz lawsuit.

Will Skillz Succeed In The Purge of Fraud?

Skillz is an online mobile multiplayer video game competition platform that is used by many games such as Solitaire Cube, Big Cooking and Blackout Bingo. The thing is, they’ve been playing the whistleblower for quite some time now.

Last year, they filed a lawsuit against AviaGames, the publishers of Pocket7Games. The lawsuit accused them of copying ads and games like Big Run from Skillz. They also alleged that Avia uses bots to cheat players out of their cash. Skillz CEO Andrew Paradise stated that they received $50 million from AviaGames in the settlement agreement after winning the case.

Post that, their latest target has been Papaya Gaming, publisher of titles like Cookie Cash, 21 Cash and Solitaire Cash. This fresh Skillz lawsuit accuses them of misleading advertising and promotion of their mobile titles as ‘completely fair and skill-based.’ But they’re allegedly rigging players with computer algorithms or bots posing as human players.

So, Where Is The Skillz Lawsuit Going?

On May 9th, Andrew Paradise talked about a billion-dollar scam impacting 50 million mobile gamers during their First Quarters Result. If you want to learn more about this report, you can check out the official Skillz statement.

Paradise mentioned how players have been unwittingly part of a full-fledged illegal gambling operation. He also pointed out how AviaGames cleverly labelled their bots as ‘cucumbers’ and ‘guides’ in court documents, trying to hide their true nature. Now, taking Papaya Gaming to court, Paradise says they’re fighting to stop billions from being snatched away from honest players.

Despite the legal trouble and proven fraud in mobile gaming, AviaGames is still up and running. Players worldwide have been putting down real money, under the impression that they’re competing against actual humans with similar skill levels. But they might’ve been duped by bots. Such outcomes are possibly pre-engineered by the gaming companies to ensure the house always wins.

This bot business is basically the digital era’s match-fixing, and it’s a big no-no. What’s your take on the Skillz lawsuit? Comment and let us know!

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