Traverse The Mirage In AFK Journey’s Latest Update Song Of Strife

By admin May10,2024

Farlight Games, under the Lilith Games banner, just dropped AFK Journey’s latest update. Titled Song of Strife, this release brings a boatload of fresh stuff with new heroes, storylines, game modes and battle tweaks. Follow along for more details on AFK Journey’s latest update Song of Strife.

Happy Anniversary!

You must be wondering whose anniversary it is. Well, AFK Journey’s latest update Song of Strife coincides with Lilith Games’ 11th anniversary. And hence the massive celebration with lots of new stuff. First up are the two new heroes, Alsa and Soren. With them, you can explore the mysterious Ashen Wastes while diving deep into the epic Warsong Festival.

Alsa is a mage proficient with a knack for earthy spells. She can curl up into a ball for both offensive and defensive tactics. Soren is a tough warrior with strong pushback moves and lightning-fast reflexes in battles.

In Song of Strife, you’ll be sticking with Magister Merlin. Teaming up with a mysterious sidekick, you’ll try to unravel the mystery of a fake Merlin in the desert. To crack the case, you’ll need to team up with the Mauler tribe and dive into their legendary Warsong Festival.

AFK Journey’s latest update Song of Strife also looks quite pretty. The Ashen Wastes look stunning with the sand dunes that shift and swirl with the wind. Why don’t you take a look at it and see for yourself?

AFK Journey’s latest update Song of Strife is full of new challenges. Participate in Dura’s Trials, for instance. You can dive into this PvE experience and snag some Magic Charms. Every day offers up different trials, boosting certain heroes and dropping random charms. The further you go, the better the loot!

Will You Sing AFK Journey’s Song Of Strife?

Magic Charms introduces a whole new season-based progression system. So, watch your heroes get buffed up like never before. Also, try out the Supreme Arena where you can battle it out in best-of-three PvP matches, using special tiles.

But there’s a catch! To get in on all this action, your AFK Journey server needs to be at least 42 days old. Also, you need to hit Resonance Level 240, clear all the AFK stages, and wrap up the quest ‘The Last Leg’ to access the new season. If you haven’t grabbed the game yet, get it from the Google Play Store and start crossing those levels!

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