Amikin Survival Channels Palworld Vibes And Launches Soon

By admin May10,2024

Helio Games has launched pre-registration for their upcoming game, Amikin Survival for Android devices. The game offers an original anime-styled adventure by fusing creature collections with survival and crafting elements. The global release of the game is scheduled for May 16, 2024.

Gather, Prepare, Fight

Amikin Survival transports players to Amiterra, a planet full of cute but strong Amikins. These magical allies have oddball personalities and unique talents. You must build a team to guarantee their survival and venture into the woods to catch Amikins.

The game mixes survival with monster-collecting, a little like a certain world full of pals that’s been pretty popular recently. As you train and level Amikins, they become more potent and deadly in combat. Additionally, overcoming obstacles and moving on in the game requires strategically using Amikins’ skills.

Amikin Survival has base-building mechanics. Your Amikin friends can help them turn their first shelter into a busy headquarters. Furthermore, the Amikins’ special abilities bring magic to daily life by automating chores and streamlining base operations.

Moving Squad

You can combine Amikins of the same kind through this tactical framework by improving their abilities and producing even more formidable allies. You can also breed Amikins to create new breeds that inherit their parents’ most outstanding features. Assemble a solid team to overcome any obstacle.

Independent Investigation

Amiterra is a huge, uncharted territory just waiting to be discovered. Along the way, you will experience a spectacular fusion of science fiction and fantasy. The planet has many different landscapes, deep woods, and old ruins.

Armed with cutting-edge technology and the enchantment of their Amikin friends, you will discover the mysteries of Amiterra as they explore. Amikin Survival brings humor into gameplay by using humorous anecdotes and pop culture allusions.

You can now pre-register for the game on Google Play!

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