Type Soul All Grades Guide – Complete Grades List

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My Type Soul All Grades Guide runs you through the ranks detailing how each Grade works. Your Grade transcends factions, allowing players of the same race and otherwise to know your strength capacity. As your Grade increases, you unlock more areas of the game and become much more of a potent foe, but what’s the limit?

Check out Type Soul over on Roblox. For more Grade content, check out our Type Soul Grade guide and Type Soul Semi Grade 1 Guide.

Type Soul All Grades Guide

As mentioned, your Grade is an indication of your progress in-game. You’ll automatically be assigned the beginning Grade when you enter Type Soul and choose your race for the first time. All of the races, Soul Reaper, Hollow and Quincy, begin their journey as Trainees or Grade 5 players.

Upgrading your Grade requires EXP, which you can earn via missions, quests, raids, PvP and by culling Hollows. In this next section, I will break down each Race’s Grade progression.

Soul Reaper Grades

Soul Reapers begin as a Trainee, to begin climbing the Grade ranks you need to join a party using the button on the left of the game screen and participate in mission boards.

  • Trainee – Complete missions board requests to Grade up.
  • Grade 5 – You can now travel to Soul Society and join a Division. Upon joining a Division, continue completing missions to gain EXP.
  • Grade 5 to Grade 3 – The ONLY EXP type needed to reach this grade is Mission EXP.
  • Grade 3 to Grade 2 – To rank up you now need a blend of Mission EXP and Divison EXP.
  • Grade 2 to Semi-grade 1 – Requires Shikai EXP to grade up, which can be found by speaking to your Shikai Spirit within your inner world, whilst also absorbing Division and Mission EXP. You cannot rank past Grade 2 without defeating your Shikai first.
  • Semi-grade 1 to Elite Grade – Requires Raid EXP, Grip EXP, Shikai EXP, Missions EXP and Division EXP.

Hollow Grades

Hollow grades work a little differently since your progress is visualised with physical evolutions. However, this race still enjoys a Grade system. Because this race undergoes evolution, grading is much easier as follows:

  • Grade 5 to Semi-grade 1 – Only requires Mission EXP to rank up. However, when Grade 2 you will have the option to choose a lineage path from the Kido Tree.
  • Semi-grade 1 to Elite Grade – Requires Mission EXP, Grip EXP, and Raid EXP to rank up.

Quincy Grades

Similar to Soul Reapers, begin by creating a party on the left of the screen to access Mission Boards.

  • Grade 5 to Semi-grade 1 – The only type of EXP required to move through these ranks is Missions EXP.
  • Semi-grade 1 to Elite Grade – Requires Hollow NPC kills, Mission EXP, Raid EXP and Grip EXP.

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