A Dusty Trip Tutorial – A Beginner’s Guide

By admin May9,2024
Feature image for our A Dusty Trip tutorial. It shows the Dusty Trip starting house from a distance.

Roblox’s answer to The Long Drive… other than er, the Long Drive is A Dusty Trip, an apocalyptic adventure through a desert full of mutants, tornados, vampires, and vending machines. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry, rookie road tripper. In our A Dusty Trip tutorial, we’ve put together some knowledge from our time on the unforgiving endless highway to help you get started.

A Dusty Trip is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got an A Dusty Trip controls guide to help you get to grips with the car.

A Dusty Trip Tutorial

So let’s get into everything you need to know.

The Goal Of A Dusty Trip

The point of A Dusty Trip is to get as far as you can down a dangerous road. This is no easy task. You need to maintain a vehicle to get very far, and keep it fuelled, filled with oil, and its radiator full of water. You also need to take care of yourself by stopping your Hunger Bar from depleting to the bottom, and not losing all your health to enemies or hazards.

The Starting House

The Starting House is where you… start. It’s not just a spawn point though, it comes with the basics you need to begin your trip. These are as follows.

  • Apple – Found on the table in the starting room, eat to restore Hunger.
  • Banana – Found on the table in the starting room, eat to restore Hunger.
  • Burger – Found on the top floor of the house, eat to restore Hunger.
  • Garlic – Found on the top floor of the house, eat to restore Hunger.
  • Flashlight – Found on the table in the starting room, gives light when held.
  • Car Chassis – Found outside the front of the house. Repair to create a working car.
  • Van Chassis – Found behind the house. Repair to create a working van.
  • Starter Engine – Found on workbench in the garage. Place in van or car chassis to allow them to run. Top up with oil.
  • Fuel – 9 Liters found in a red can in the garage. Use on open fuel cap to fuel the car.
  • Wheels – Found inside and outside the house. Attaches to chassis to allow the car to move.
  • Radiator – Found on the floor next to the engine in the garage. Place in car or van to prevent engine overheating. Top up with water.
  • Car Lights – Found on workbenches in the garage. Place in the car to use lights.
  • Van Light – Found in the outhouse. Place in the van to use one light.
  • Doors – Found around house and yard. Fix to chassis for extra protection.
  • Trailer – Found in the yard. Attach to the car for extra storage as the expense of awkward shape.

First Steps

Here are the first steps you should follow to get started on a run.

  • Decide between the car or the van.
  • Install engine and wheels at minimum.
  • Install radiator, lights, and doors if you’re smart.
  • Fuel up your car with the full amount in the gas can. (One the car is fuelled you cannot change your mind on which vehicle to use easily.)
  • Place any uneaten food in the vehicle.
  • Move the vehicle into place and hitch up the trailer if you are using it.
  • Install any other parts you want to add, try not to cover the driver’s view.
  • Designate a driver if in a group.
  • Make sure all players are seated.
  • Drive onto the road and turn right to begin your journey. If you get turned around, you will know which way is right because the counter at the top of the screen will go up, rather than down.

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