Break In 2 Golden Apple Guide – How To Get The Golden Apple In Break In 2

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Looking for that rare, coveted badge? Need a healing item to get you through the final boss? Just really curious about the apple at the start? We’re here to tell you everything you need to know! Our Break In 2 Golden Apple guide goes over how to get the Golden Apple in Break In 2.

Break In 2 is a Roblox game where you and some other players find your innocent camping trip going horribly wrong. Trying to avoid the weather you wander into a building looking for shelter, only to discover you’ve blundered into a villain hideout! You have a short amount of time to train up and defend yourselves, so train, get hold of weaponry, and try to outlast the waves of henchmen coming your way.

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Break In 2 Golden Apple Guide

Here we’ll try and go over exactly what you need to know about the Golden Apple.

The Golden Apple Location

The item, the Golden Apple is actually pretty easy to find. When you load into a game of Break In 2, you’ll find it right near your starting location, on the left in a bush next to the car.

Easy right? Well, it’s not that simple. It you interact with it, you’ll get the message that it’s ‘Not ripe yet’. You’ll need to wait until you’ve fought at least Wave 1 before you can actually grab it, and by then things will be a little more hectic…

How To Get The Golden Apple

After Wave 1, head out of the base and back along the road. Once you get there you’ll see the road covered in debris.

You need to break through the barriers in your way to get through the wreckage and reach your broken-down car, and the apple.

There’s a catch though.

Wind comes roaring down the road regularly, and if it hits you, you’ll be flung backwards and lose a chunk of your health.

You can avoid the wind by hiding in the bushes along the route.

The noise of the wind and the street light flickering is a clue that the wind is coming.

How To Make Getting The Golden Apple Easier

Struggling? There are a few things you can do to make the whole thing easier.

  • Training your strength lets you break the barriers faster.
  • Training your speed makes it easier to avoid the wind.
  • An upgraded weapon makes life easier.
  • You can team up to attack the barriers.

What The Golden Apple Does

If you get to the end of the course, pick up the Golden Apple, and head back to the crossroads, you’ll get a badge for your profile. You also get the Golden Apple item itself. Eating it won’t only completely restore your health, but it’ll restore the health of every living player character on the map, regardless of whether you’re close by or not. Great for boss fights.

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