Gakuen iDOLMASTER Debuts This May!

By admin May9,2024

The well-adored Idolmaster series is poised to release a brand-new installment after quite some time. The school idol training game, Gakuen iDOLMASTER, or “Gakumasu” for short, allows you to assume the role of producer and coach up-and-coming talent. Gakuen will formally launch on Android and iOS devices on May 16th.

Enter the busy campus of Hatsune Academy, a renowned school committed to developing the upcoming generation of idols. You will scout gifted kids who have the potential but need the polish to shine on stage as a newbie producer in the school program.

Booking shows and choosing outfits are only two aspects of your job description. These budding stars will have you as their mentor as you help them develop their confidence, perfect their singing and dancing, and get over any self-doubt that is getting in the way.

Rough Diamonds To Stage Stars

Though they still lack mastery of the complexities of idol performance, these girls are full of brilliance. Your responsibility is to mentor them through demanding training so they get to the top.

Your idols’ performances will demonstrate their development as they go. You’ll assist them in refining their singing, dancing, and stage appearance through workshops and training sessions. You can make them go from quiet beginners to brilliant stars, controlling the stage with every step. At last, what? To pack enormous arenas with applauding spectators is a credit to your united efforts.

Not all the road to idol fame is paved with spectacular moves and memorable songs. Gakuen iDOLMASTER goes further, getting into each idol’s life story. As you coach them, you’ll learn about their particular problems and fears, which could affect their performance.

A solid producer-idol relationship is essential. Your encouragement and support will help them overcome obstacles and establish trust. Recall that a well-rounded idol is joyful, and happy idols are even more radiant.

Gakuen iDOLMASTER extends the ever-expanding Idolmaster series, which has fascinated idol producers since 2005. You can now pre-register for the game on Google Play!

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