Type Soul AFK World Guide

By admin May9,2024

This Type Soul AFK World Guide tells you what this idle area is, how to get to it, what it does and the rewards! If you wanna make the game progress and grab hard-to-obtain loot whilst twiddling your thumbs then this guide can help you out.

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Type Soul AFK World Guide

The AFK World shockingly isn’t widely available to all players, and those who have entry never get to enjoy it permanently. You can find the AFK World from the Type Soul menu screen before properly entering the game.

When selecting the AFK World, you’ll notice that you need a playable slot to enter it. Unusually, Type Soul doesn’t allow players to use the AFK World for free, nor through gamepass. Instead, to enter players have to buy a World Ticket for 1k Robux from the in-game DEV store. The DEV store is accessed by heading in-game and pressing ‘N’.

Once bought, the player can use this ticket anytime but it comes with a catch! Upon use, the ticket is removed from the player inventory in exchange for 24-hour timed access to the AFK World. During the 24 hours, you can wander around the safe zone of the world and chat with other AFK World-dwelling players. Or, practice your moves in the PvP arena. If you win, your chances for better AFK rewards increase.

This is unusual for two reasons; you only get a 1-time pass to enter and it’s rather expensive, and for two, to reap better rewards you can’t sit AFK for 24 hours as the name implies.

AFK World Rewards

Whilst in the AFK World, you have 24 hours to sit idle and generate rewards. For 1,000 Robux worth of time, let’s hope the rewards are worth the wait (and cost).

  • Hogyoku Fragments
  • True Hogyoku Item
  • Essences (of any kind)
  • Cosmetics

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