Shuffle Your Cards In The Gnarled Groves Of Oaken, A New Turn-Based Roguelike

By admin May9,2024

Oaken is a new game that just dropped on Android and iOS after charming players on Switch, PlayStation and Steam. Created by Goblinz Studio and Laki Studio, it’s a card game that’s also a turn-based roguelike. By the way, they’re the same folks who’ve brought us games like Microtopia, Mini Settlers, Iris And The Giant, Beneath Oresa, Hero’s Hour and Neurodeck.

Who Said Trees Can’t Move?

In the spirit-filled world of Oaken, you embark on an adventure through the Great Oak. You rub shoulders with allies, snag trinkets and master the art of card upgrades and battlefield positioning. And while doing all that, you also rouse the spirits and become the Great Oak’s saviour.

Oaken combines a lot of elements together, including roguelike strategy, RPG storytelling and deck-building. The game steps things up with hex-based combat, packing your deck with all sorts of upgrades. The enchanting world of Oaken has also got a dark edge to it. Curious? You can catch a glimpse of what’s in store here!

Oaken Makes Its Journey From PC And Consoles To Mobile

Oaken is a premium title priced at $5.99. Despite some scepticism about premium titles on mobile, Oaken looks promising with its adorable yet mysterious worlds. If you’re into turn-based tactics, board games and roguelike deck-builders, you’ll want to try this one out.

Oaken offers a buffet of nice features, like stunning visuals, an enchanting soundtrack, intense turn-based battles and heaps of card and unit customisation. Also, you get a variety of playable units and heroes. The strategic depth of character summoning and board layout is legit. But if you fancy a little less stress, there’s a Relaxed mode that takes the edge off.

So, are you intrigued to try this game out? If yes, then grab it from the Google Play Store. Before heading out, take a look at our other news. Celebrate upjers Mother’s Day 2024 With Flowers And Candies In My Little Farmies And Other Titles!

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