Conquer The Battlefield With Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games, A New ROME: Total War-Like Title

By admin May9,2024

A new strategy game by BoomBit Games has hit Android globally. It’s Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games which has no magic, but has plenty of fighting, building and crafting. A free-to-play game, its publisher is known for other hit titles like Bowling Club: Realistic 3D PvP, Zombie Survival Apocalypse, Boxing Ring and Idle Boutique (Role-Playing).

What’s New In Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games?

This game, as the name already suggests, takes you to medieval times. You’re thrown into the thick of medieval warfare where you play the commander calling the shots on the battlefield. Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games lets you make a choice between your troops. You get to pick whether they’ll fight under the banner of Anglo-Saxon Knights, the ferocious Viking warriors, the mighty Teutons or the brave Francs.

The game doesn’t have any dragons or magic spells. It’s just gritty, historically accurate combat. Each unit reflects the authentic fighting style of its time. As you progress, you’ll bolster your forces and expand your army. The game offers you over 100 historical weapons, shields and armour to pick from.

Snag The Launch Goodies!

Dawn of Ages is a simple yet exciting MMO strategy mobile game. To celebrate the worldwide launch of the game, there are exciting events going down. You can snag some really cool goodies by taking part in these events. Here’s the list!

Starting May 9th, log in daily for 14 days and collect new goodies just for checking in. From May 8th to May 21st, your city will be blessed with a bountiful harvest. You can snag 2x Grain Production Bonus during this period. FYI, this buff impacts the Farm and Villager productivity but not the tools and garments.

So, that wraps up our scoop on Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games. If it sounds interesting, grab the game from the Google Play Store.

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