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By admin May9,2024
Feature image for our Extalia Simulator codes codes guide. It shows a large guard enemy wreathed in gold fire.

Want to get through some tricky duels but struggling to make much headway? Don’t fear! Our Extalia Simulator codes guide is all about finding ways to net you more wins, pets, and other fun stuff to improve your progress.

Extalia Simulator is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Rogue Ninja codes guide if you’re looking for more stuff.

Extalia Simulator Codes Guide

First we’ve got the two different kinds of code, then how to redeem them. Finally, we have a few other ways to net rewards.

YouTube Codes

These are codes found via the official YouTube Channel, entered via the YouTube codes box.

  • code49241 – Win Potion
  • code90000 – Win Potion
  • RELEASE – Split Doggy Pet

X/Twitter Codes

These are codes released via the xFrozen Studios Twitter/X account.

  • There are no Twitter codes as of our last check.

How To Redeem Extalia Simulator Codes

Now you’ve got the codes themselves, let’s look into how to redeem them! Follow the steps below to get the rewards with the codes we’ve given you.

  • Enter Extalia Simulator.
  • Once loaded into the playable area, hit one of the code buttons on the right of the screen. If it’s from the YouTube Codes section, hit the red play button icon. If it’s Twitter/X codes, hit the blue tick icon.
  • Enter the code into the box that appears.
  • Hit the green ‘Verify’ button.

Other Ways To Get Bonus Rewards

Codes aren’t the only way to get some more items and extra progress, read on for a few other ways we’ve found.

  • Free Gifts – Hit the gift box item on the right side of the screen to open the gift window. You can redeem rewards in here after a set amount of play time. Check the timers underneath. When it says ‘Claim!’ then it’s ready.
  • Event – Hit the ‘Event’ button on the right of the screen. After 25 minutes in-game you can hatch a Magma Egg for free.
  • Free OP Egg – Open the tab on the top right. After 18 minutes in-game you can claim a Space Egg for free.
  • Free Pet Pack – Hit the button on the top left. After 45 minutes in-game you can claim a free OP Pet Pack.

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