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While the choice of the Wuthering Waves Best Echo is subjective, we can certainly point you in the right direction! Some Echoes work better with a smaller pool of characters, whereas others are suitable for a large chunk of the roster so far.

Visit the official website for Wuthering Waves to pre-register for the game! For a quick look at our top picks for Echoes, have a nosey at our Wuthering Waves Echo Tier List. Heard a familiar voice while playing? Take a look at our Wuthering Waves Voice Actors guide.

Wuthering Waves Best Echo

Which Echo do we think is the best, and why?

Whiff Whaff

Despite the comical name, Whiff Whaff is one of the strongest of the bunch. It’s a fantastic support Echo, with Sonata Effects covering energy regeneration (Moonlit Cloud), a healing bonus (Rejuvenating Glow), and increased Aero DMG (Sierra Gale). The first 2 effects are the main reason why I’m putting Whiff Whaff in the top spot. It excels with Aero characters, of course, but the healing bonus and energy regen buffs are super useful in general.

Plus, the Whiff Whaff Echo works with a large group of characters from the get-go. With options from Verina, Jiyan (everyone’s favourite), and Yangyang, Whiff Whaff is a universally strong echo for the majority of playable characters.

Runner Ups

These Echoes almost made the top spot, but didn’t for various reasons. Still, they’re great choices for some characters!

Havoc Prism

The reason why I’m putting Havoc Prism into the runner-up section is because of its triple-threat buffs. With Sun-sinking Eclipse, your Havoc DMG is boosted. With Celestial Light, you deal more Spectro DMG. And with Void Thunder, your character’s Electro DMG is now stronger. The Havoc Prism can be used with a range of characters that align with these elements.

For instance, Yinlin (a favourite pick for many players), works great with a Havoc Prism Echo – Calcharo too! It may not be useful with as many characters as the Whiff Whaff Echo, but it still packs a punch with those that work best with the Havoc Prism.

Traffic Illuminator

Another hilarious concept, but the Traffic Illuminator is nothing to laugh at. This Echo made it into the runner-up section for a similar reason to the Havoc Prism. The Traffic Illuminator grants buffs for 3 elements in total: Aero, Fusion, and Electro. Utilising Sierra Gale, Void Thunder, and Molten Rift, this traffic light Echo works with a variety of characters. To name a few, you can equip some of the best characters in the game with the Traffic Illuminator, such as Yinlin, Jiyan, Encore, Calcharo, and Yangyang.

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