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By admin May8,2024

Ro Ghoul hosts multiple combat options for players to explore, including the iconic Quinques from the original franchise. This Ro Ghoul Quinques Tier List ranks every Quinques from best to worst including which type it belongs to.

If you main Quinques, choosing the best is crucial for longevity in your gameplay. After all, why would you want anything less than the best? Quincques manifest themselves as physical weapons and can perform close-range and long-range attacks depending on which you main. If you’re using this tier list as a shopping cart for new Quinques, it’s worth noting that purchasing new Quinques with Yen will reset your RC Cells.

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Ro Ghoul Quinques Tier List (May 2024)

Let’s get into the rankings!


The best of the best! These Quinques are LETHAL, performing nothing short of OP attacks with great movesets and versatility.

  • Silver Skull – Ukaku Type
  • Ginkui – Kakuja Type
  • Owl – Kakuja Type
  • IXA – Koukaku Type
  • 13’s Jason – Rinkaku Type


Good, just not the best. These are great alternatives if you can’t get your hands on my S-ranking Quinques. They’re still strong, just not busted.

  • Amatsu – Chimera Type
  • Kajiri – Ukaku Type
  • Narukami – Ukaku Type
  • Reaper – Koukaku Type
  • Kaika – Rinkaku Type


Average Quinques. These hold their own and are ideal for early-game players. However, they’re far from being good, or the best options.

  • Doujima 1/2 – Koukaku Type
  • Clipped Wing – Ukaku Type
  • T-Human – Ukaku Type
  • Kura – Koukaku Type
  • Rotten Follow – Rinkaku Type
  • Demon Yamada – Bikaku Type


Weak, but not entirely useless. I wouldn’t recommend them long-term, but they can be decent if you’re a new player.

  • Higher Mind – Ukaku Type
  • Eyepatch – Rinkaku Type
  • Scorpion 1/56 – Bikaku Type


The worst of the worst! You may as well throw fists than use these Quinques.

  • C-Katana – Rinkaku Type

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