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This Type Soul World Ticket Guide tells you what a World Ticket is and what it does. I wonder where it takes you? Somewhere pleasant I hope! Let’s get into the guide.

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Type Soul World Ticket Guide

Now, don’t get mixed up between the Soul Ticket and World Ticket. The World Ticket has an easier yet more costly obtainment versus the Soul Ticket. You can grab World Tickets from the DEVs products page in-game by pressing ‘N’ for 1,000 Robux. However, you loot Soul Tickets from the Bawabawa boss located at Hueco Mundo and the Jidanbo boss located at Soul Society.

World Tickets are more fruitful than Soul Tickets. The World Ticket is a Robux exclusive Mythical item that gives you 24-hour constant access to the AFK World and is removed from the player’s inventory when the timer expires. However, it does not reset your Race like the easier-to-obtain Soul Tickets.

AFK World Type Soul

The worth of the World Ticket will depend entirely on what you can loot from the AFK World in that 24-hour timeframe. This World is, as expected, an area where you can leave the game idly running to generate rewards over time.

You can see other players within the AFK World and wander around, but the entire map, par for a PvP platform is a safe zone so you needn’t worry about being defeated in your absence. If you do enjoy PvP, I recommend jumping into the arena to build a streak as this leads to better rewards over time.

Some possible rewards from the AFK World are the following:

  • Essences
  • Hogyoku Fragments
  • True Hogyoku
  • Cosmetics

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