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By admin May8,2024

There are plenty of Solo Leveling Arise Codes to redeem right this second, so what are you waiting for? Scroll down to find our Active Codes section and get those codes redeemed!

Visit the Solo Leveling Arise official website to learn more about the game. Have a read of our Solo Leveling Arise Weapon Tier List, our Solo Leveling Arise Reroll guide, and our Solo Leveling Arise Tier List that ranks all characters.

Solo Leveling Arise Codes

Need some character upgrade materials? Or maybe some extra in-game gold? Don’t forget about codes then! Redeeming codes rewards you with freebies that you can take along with you.

Active Codes

The codes that currently work! New codes will be labelled as so, and expired codes will be removed over time. I recommend redeeming new codes the next time you log in before you forget!

    • 50 Artifact Enhancement Chips II
    • 100 Artifact Enhancement Chips

Redeeming Solo Leveling Arise Codes

To start, you must open the game on your chosen device. Look for the menu icon (shown with 4 squares that look like a window) and tap it to open up various options. One of these buttons leads you to the Options page! Next, tap the ‘Account Settings’ button at the bottom left-hand side of the window.

To the right, there is a ‘Redeem Code’ button. Tap on this to open up a text box! Type a code from above into the text box, or you can copy and paste it to save time, and tap ‘Use’. The game then asks you to confirm this option, which you can do by tapping the ‘Confirm’ button. The rewards are then sent to your mailbox! It can take some time for rewards to appear in your in-game mailbox, so if you don’t see them immediately, give it a few minutes.

By admin

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