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If you’re curious about the Anime Spirits weapons, you’re in the right place! This guide contains all you need to know about each weapon in the game so far, including how to obtain them, their drop rate chances, and how much Gold they cost.

Anime Spirits is a Roblox game that takes inspiration from a wide variety of popular anime franchises – such as Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece to name a few. Take to the battlefield as you wield the powers of your favourite characters as you fight against powerful bosses and agile mobs. It’s time to put your skills to the test!

For more information about Anime Spirits, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. If you’re already enjoying the game, we’ve also got an Anime Spirits Tier List guide, an Anime Spirits Map guide, and an Anime Spirits Souls guide!

Anime Spirits Weapons

Want to know more about the individual weapons in Anime Spirits? Read on to find out how you can obtain every weapon that is currently available in the game. New weapons will be added to this guide when they’re added to the game in future updates!


  • Can be purchased from the Sword Dealer on Dawn Island for 1K Gold
  • Moves
    • Z – Send a slash attack forward to strike your enemy

Pirate Cutlass

  • Has a 10% drop rate chance after defeating the Pirate Captain

Inverted Spear

  • The Super Boss, Tojih, has a 1% chance to drop this weapon
  • Moves
    • Z – Teleport forward and attack the enemy
    • X – Slash through the enemy multiple times


  • This can only be obtained by purchasing the Dark Blade Gamepass for a total of 999 Robux

2 Sword Style

  • Can be bought from the 2SS Dealer on Marine Island for a total of 75K Gold – time to get saving!

Axe Hand

  • You can get this weapon by defeating Axe Hand Morgan, however, there’s only a 5% drop rate chance!

Executioner Blade

  • The Super Boss, Zabuza, can drop this weapon with a 1% drop rate chance

Thunder Blade

  • Has a 1% drop rate chance after beating the Eneru boss in Skypiea
  • You can get a damage boost for pole weapons by using an Enel Soul


  • Can be obtained by beating the Super Boss, Arlong – it has a 1% drop rate chance, so it’s pretty rare!

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