Frédéric Julian’s The Last Game Gets Fake Hearts And A New Oblivion Room

By admin May6,2024

Frédéric Julian’s The Last Game is a game which hopefully won’t be your last game. If you’re into the charm of old-school pixel art and the thrill of survival, this top-down action roguelike should be your next pick. Developed and published by Frédéric Julian, this title is up for grabs on Android for $1.99. The indie developer is known for his other cool strategy title on mobile, Cards Knight.

Why Is It The Last Game?

Well, because every time you play it, it is the last game. Basically, in the game, you’re on your nth attempt, armed with an arsenal of over a hundred different items. You get to try new combinations every time you play because it throws in loads of synergies and permanent upgrades.

You get eleven quirky characters to unlock. It’s a mix-and-match playground to figure out which hero clicks with how you like to roll. You can even ramp up the fun with up to three pals in a co-op mode, where hunting the elusive hidden bosses is twice as fun when sharing the victory.

So, What’s New With This Bullet Hell Roguelike Shooter?

In the latest update of Frédéric Julian’s The Last Game, they’ve fixed the pesky touch issue lurking in the new Oblivion room. And if you’ve got a heart of gold, or rather, fake ones, you’ll be pleased to find that you can now trade them in at the blood donation room. Oh, and Spanish language support just got patched in.

Frédéric Julian’s The Last Game, aside from its gutsy title, features a heavy dose of bullet dodging, throwback graphics and a roguelike cycle which gives it a fresh spin on a common genre. Like it? Then, hit up the Google Play Store and get Frédéric Julian’s The Last Game into your hands.

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