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By admin May6,2024
Feature image for our Type Soul Odachi guide. It shows a view of Karakura Town farm in-game.

Looking for the lowdown on the most sought-after Zanpakuto out there? Well, read on. Our Type Soul Odachi guide has everything you need to know about the weapon, from how to get it and who can use it, to the movesets, to some tips on making the best out of the special crit.

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Type Soul Odachi Guide

Let’s talk swords. First we’ll discuss the Odachi in general, then we’ll go into what moves you get using it.

About Odachi

Odachi is the only Mythic-rarity Shikai weapon in Type Soul. In fact it’s the only Mythic Weapon. You have a 0.5% chance of rolling Odachi when obtaining your weapon, or a 1 in 200 chance. The odachi resembles a long, single-edged blade, based on the historical sword type of the same name. (It’s also called a nodachi.)

Only Shinigami can use Odachi.

Odachi Moves

Odachi comes with the following moveset. It can be paired with different Shikai or Bankai to create all kinds of combination strategies.

  • Default Attacks – Your M1 comes with a five-part combo of sword swings.
  • Crit – Your crit is two swings and then a powerful impalement attack, before kicking the target off the blade, launching them a short distance away, knocked down. It’s possible for a target to block the third swing and get away with far less damage and no ragdoll effect, so be careful!
  • Bankai Crit – If you score a crit with your Bankai active, you swing through the hair with huge slashing claw marks. Neat. This does not have the impale move of the regular crit, so keep this in mind when you use it.

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