Project Mugetsu All Shikai Guide

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This Project Mugetsu All Shikai Guide tells you what a Shikai is, how to get a Shikai and what each Shikai is with its perks.

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Project Mugetsu All Shikai Guide

Shikai belongs to the Soul Reaper faction and is the main power source of this race. Every Soul Reaper player must get a Shikai. To get your Shikai, you need to reach the 20th level of your meditation and have a character level of 15+.

Upon meeting these requirements you’ll need to fight and defeat your Zanpakuto to fully unlock your Shikai, which is awarded by random roll chance. To reroll a Shikai, you need to speak with the Dante NPC (Located in Hueco Mundo) and forfiet $85K.

To call upon a Shikai, use a call followed by your Shikai name in the game chat. The current calls in the game are:

  • Howl
  • Bloom
  • Roar
  • Devour
  • Scatter
  • Reap
  • Dance
  • Fly
  • Awake
  • Dash
  • Burst
  • Sing
  • Growl

All Shikai List

Onto the full Shikai list including its rarity and manifestation.

Common Shikai

Zangetsu (Common) – Unlocks 4 Shikai moves which embed into a Zangetsu blade

  • Engetsuzan (Level 0)
  • Getsuga Burst (Level 10)
  • Tenbu Renjin (Level 20)
  • Getsuga Tensho (Level 35)

Uncommon Shikai

Hyorinmaru (Uncommon) – An Ice-themed Shikai capable of 4 elemental moves

  • Ice Spikes (Level 0)
  • Ice Traps (Level 0)
  • Ice Clone (Level 20)
  • Ice Eruption (Level 35)

Rare Shikai

Senbonzakura (Rare) – A Flower-themed Shikai capable of 4 unique elemental moves

  • Senbonzakura (Level 0)
  • Vibrant Bloom (Level 10)
  • Scattering Spiral (Level 20)
  • Blossoming Petals (Level 35)

Kamishini (Rare) – A Shikai which prides on slashes with 4 total moves

  • Butorenjin (Level 0)
  • Senbujin (Level 10)
  • Shunsogeki (Level 20)
  • Shoot em’ Dead (Level 35)

Legendary Shikai

Minazuki (Legendary) – A Shikai which manifests as a pink scythe with 4 total moves

  • Blood Edge (Level 0)
  • Bloodlust (Level 10)
  • Infinite Death (Level 20)
  • Blood Clot (Level 35)

Ichimonji (Legendary) – The Ink Shikai which enjoys 4 moves, a passive and debuffs

  • Ink Brush (Passive) – All m1 moves have an 8% chance to deal debuffs
    • Blind: Covers half of the opponent’s screen
    • Ant: Weakened defence and cooldown timer doubles
    • Seal: All Skills are disabled temporarily during combat
    • Blacken: All Skills are weak and the victim is slower
  • Paint It Black (Level 0)
  • Senri Tsutensho (Level 10)
  • Black Ant (Level 20)
  • Futen Taisatsuryo (Level 35)

Nozarashi (Legendary) – A destructive Shikai with four total moves

  • Cleave (Level 0)
  • Onslaught (Level 10)
  • Meteor Clash (Level 20)
  • Ryodan (Level 35)

Ryujin Jakka (Legendary) – A flame-esque Shikai that enjoys 4 moves

  • Taimatsu (Level 0)
  • Hitotsume Nadegiri (Level 10)
  • Ennetsu Jigoku (Level 20)
  • Ryujin Jakka (Level 35)

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