Project Mugetsu Race Tier List

By admin Apr29,2024

Trying to decide which path you want to take with a save slot? Soul Reaper? Arrancar? Quincy? Fullbringer? The options might seem a little daunting! It’s okay though, our Project Mugetsu race tier list is here to sort the dangerous from the disappointing. Follow our guidance and you’ll be tearing up the PVP scene in no time.

Project Mugestu is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got a guide on the best Bankai in Project Mugetsu, if you’re rocking the Soul Reaper path.

Project Mugetsu Race Tier List

Below are our rankings, with an explanation of each of the tiers and which races belong in them. We rank from S, the very best, down to D, the least impressive. That way you should have a quick reference for your picks.


The best race with the highest potential for stats and power. These have a lot of opportunities to advance and plenty of options available, as well as bringing impressive numbers.

  • Vasto Lorde/Vastocar (Max)


These are definitely good races to go with. They come with a wealth of options to upgrade and allow for a lot of build variety and advancement.

  • Vasto Lorde/Vastocar
  • Shinigami


These are viable to use, but either have middling stats compared to their peers, or rather limited options in terms of powers and upgrades.


Either intended to be a transitional phase, or they’re a straight-up inferior version of higher-tier races. Pretty underwhelming in genera;.


Evolve out of these as soon as you can, they’re more something to struggle through than something to place as.

Tier lists are pretty heavily based on opinion. If you like a low-tier race, or hate a high-tier one, then that’s fine! Don’t feel you need to change your playstyle. You might find uses for them that we didn’t.

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