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By admin Apr25,2024
Feature image for our Legacy Piece controls guide. It shows a fishman player character midway through a jump.

It’s time to sail away on an adventure.. though doing that is a little tough if you’re not even sure how to walk around. Fortunately, we are here to assist you! Our Legacy Piece controls guide gives some details on the basic key bindings for the Roblox game, and delves into the Touchscreen vs Keyboard issue.

Legacy Piece is out now on Roblox. Want some more Legacy Piece help? We’ve got a Legacy Piece races guide, too.

Legacy Piece Controls Guide

Below we’ll detail the controls we’ve confirmed in-game. The bindings themselves are a little way below.

Keyboard Or Touchscreen?

Roblox games often have different control schemes available to support players on touchscreen and those using keyboards. This means that the controls you see will be pretty different depending on what you’re playing on. Touchscreen users can find icons on-screen with picture indications of what they do, so it’s not too hard to figure out.

Keyboard users might have a slightly tougher time, so we’ve detailed the default key bindings below.

Key Bindings

Here we’ve noted down the basic key bindings for keyboard uses. Some of the techniques are locked initially and need unlocking through trainers out in the world.

On Foot

These are the basic controls while on foot.

  • LMB – Basic Attack (When combat is selected in the hotkey.)
  • WASD – Movement
  • W – (Double Tap) – Run
  • SPACE – Jump
  • SPACE (Multiple Taps) – Sky Walk/Geppo (When unlocked.)
  • E – Interact
  • Q – Dash (You can dash in the direction of one of the WASD keys if pressing ith Q held.)
  • M – Menu
  • 1-10 Hotkeys – Raise fists/Move equipped item to hand.
  • F – Block
  • B – Carry
  • H – Grip
  • Z/X/C/V – Mastery moves for combat style/Fruit powers.
  • TAB – Equip Haki (When unlocked.)

On A Ship

These are the controls when at the wheel of a boat.

  • W – Accelerate
  • A and D -Turn
  • S – Reverse
  • Space – Dismount (Let go of the wheel.)

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