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By admin Apr25,2024
Feature image for our Legacy Piece mink guide. It shows a Mink player character with a furry tail.

Want to get to grips with one of the best races in Legacy Piece at the moment? Want to be faster? Want Electro? Just want a puffy fluffy animal tail? The Legacy Piece mink ticks all of the boxes, and that’s what this guide is all about. Let’s run over how to get the player race, and what it has to offer, and then delve into the secrets of the dev-only Mink species, the Sulong.

Legacy Piece is waiting to be played on Roblox. We’ve also got a Legacy Piece race tier list that ranks all the choices.

Legacy Piece Mink Guide

Let’s talk Minks.

How To Get Mink in Legacy Piece

The Mink is one of the rarer races in Legacy Piece. You have a 5% chance of rolling one on an individual spin via the spin menu. Only the Oni race is rarer while still obtainable.

Mink Race Buffs

Minks get the following advantages as part of their race.

  • Minks are faster, with better run speed than other species.
  • Minks have more stamina.
  • Minks are able to learn an exclusive fighting style, Electro Style. This can be bought for 1000 Beli from the NPC Lizzy who lives in the Mink Island temple. (This means you won’t be able to use One Sword Style or Blackleg whilst using Electro, so keep this in mind when choosing a fighting style for your character.

Minks favor a fast playstyle, but their buffs are pretty versatile and useful regardless of your build choice, style, and whether you prefer fists, weapons, or fruit as your primary attack method.

Sulong Mink – The Secret Mink Race

Legend has it there’s another Mink type out there, one rarely seen with even more buffs. Well, not Legends, the devs and testers. The Sulong Mink is a dev and beta tester-only species. They’re a lot like Mink, but with added bonuses below.

  • More health.
  • No low health penalty.
  • Increased Fist damage, like Fishmen.
  • Increased Electro damage.

Sadly, unless a dev gives it to you then you probably won’t get Sulong anytime soon. But we can dream.

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