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Ready to put your strength to the test? This Demon Piece Bosses Guide tells you about each island’s most formidable enemy including location, fight cooldown, boss HP and drops.

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Demon Piece Bosses Guide

Squashing bosses is one way to prove your power, obtain rare loot and greatly increase your bounty. Typically, each island has a main boss for you to fight before you’re ready to move on to the next location.

Let’s get into the bosses!


Found at Windmill Village (levels 1-35), Renier is the first main boss you’ll fight. He boasts 500 HP and respawns every 60 seconds. Defeating Renier can yield the following rewards:

  • Renier’s Scarf (Accessories) – 20%
  • Leather (Materials) – 25%
  • Fiber Ropes (Materials) – 25%


Next up, Axe Hand Morgan! I wouldn’t shake hands with this guy, personally. You can find him at Shells Town (levels 1-25) with 500 HP and a 60-second respawn cooldown. On defeat, he has the chance to drop:

  • Axe-hand (Weapon) – 5%
  • Morgan’s Jaw (Accessories) – 10%
  • Leather (Materials) – 30%
  • Gunpowder (Materials) – 25%


Everyone’s favourite clown! Burpy, er I mean Binky. Wait, no, Buggy The Clown rules over Orange Town (levels 35-60). He has 750 HP and a 90-second spawn rate cooldown. On defeat, he has the chance to drop:

  • Orange Cape (Accessories) – 10%
  • Gunpowder (Materials) – 25%
  • Hardened Glass (Materials) – 25%
  • Fiber Ropes (Materials) – 30%

Monkey Abu

Monkey Abu is the king of the Jungle! Unless you defeat him, of course. Located in the Jungle (levels 60-100) he has a tanky 1,100 HP and a 105-second cooldown. If you beat him, he has the chance to drop:

  • Jungle Crown (Accessories) – 10%
  • Tree Sap (Materials) – 25%
  • Gorilla Fur (Materials) – 80%

Desert King

Sir Crocodile, now known as the Desert King, is the ruler of Sandora (level 150-240), against the will of the civilians that is. He’s incredibly strong with 7,000 HP and a 6-minute spawn cooldown. If you win this fight, you have the chance to obtain:

  • Golden Hook (Weapons) – 3%
  • Desert King’s Cape (Accessories) – 3%
  • Sunlight Stone (Materials) – 50%

Sand Dragon

Another sandy foe! This one is less intimidating than Desert King, unless its toothy face unsettles you that is. Sand Dragon is weaker, sitting with 5,000 HP and a 3-minute spawn cooldown. Also found at Sandora (levels 150-240) you can potentially get these drops when he’s defeated:

  • Orbs (of any variety) – 0.25%
  • Dragon Tooth Necklace (Accessories) – 5%
  • Giant’s Bone (Materials) – 5%
  • Sunlight Stone (Materials) – 15%
  • Dragon Scales (Materials) – 20%


Finally leaving Sandora, Alrong can be found within the appropriately named Arlong Park (levels 240-315). He stunts a massive 15,500 HP and a 7-minute spawn cooldown. If you defeat this tyrannical Fishman you could get:

  • Shark Saw (Weapons) – 3%
  • Fishman’s Belt (Accessories) – 4%
  • Mystic Pearls (Materials) – 15%
  • Fish Scales (Materials) – 100%

Guard Captain

A knighted foe located within the heavenly island of Skypiea (level 315-600). Guard captain has a 5-minute spawn cooldown and 10,000 HP. On defeat, he can drop the following:

  • Captain’s Rapier (Weapons) – 5%
  • Captain’s Helmet (Accessories) – 5%
  • Mystic Pearls (Materials) – 15%
  • Angel Feather (Materials) – 25%
  • Aurora Steel (Materials) – 25%
  • Steel Alloy (Materials) – 80%

Thunder God

The final boss, for now. Enel, known as Thunder God in Demon Piece, nestles himself into the islands of Skypiea (levels 315-600). He has a massive 40,000 HP and a 10-minute spawn cooldown. If you defeat this faux god, you can potentially loot the following:

  • Golden Staff (Weapons) – 1%
  • Orbs (of any kind) – 1%
  • Celestial Shards (Materials) – 1%
  • Tomoe Drums (Accessories) – 3%
  • Raigo Core (Materials) – 5%
  • Angel Feather (Materials) – 90%

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