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Excited to explore but not sure what the Demon Piece island levels are yet? Read on to find out the ideal way to progress through each level and location in the game.

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Demon Piece Island Levels

You can technically access all islands at any level – it’s not recommended though. You don’t exactly want to head to a level 150 island when you’re only level 50, and if you do, you should expect to get defeated in one shot. If you progress as the game intends, you’ll gradually level up by working through the levelled quests. Once you finish an island’s quests, you can move on to the next.

Shell Town – 1 to 25

  • Shell Town is appropriate for those who are between levels 1 and 25
  • This location is where Marine players first spawn when loading up the game

Windmill Village – 1 to 35

  • The Windmill Village island is ideal for players between the levels of 1 and 35
  • It’s the first location that Pirate players spawn into

Orange Town – 35 to 60

  • If your character is between the levels of 35 and 60, Orange Town is the place to be!
  • You can access this town once you have progressed past Windmill Village (as a Pirate) or Shell Town (as a Marine)

Jungle – 60 to 100

  • You can move on to the Jungle Island once you have levelled up sufficiently to 60 or thereabouts
  • If you progress correctly, you’ll have completed the quests (or most of them) in Orange Town

Baratie Ship – 100 to 150

  • Not so much an island, but a ship! Once you reach level 100, it’s recommended that you unlock the Black Leg Fighting Style from Sanji on the top floor of the Baratie
  • From the Jungle, you can head to the Baratie Ship with ease

Sandora – 150 to 240

  • After the Baratie ship, it’s onto Sandora Island! This is where you can unlock your Observation Haki from Fresh

Arlong Park – 240 to 315

  • Certain accessories and a notorious boss are found in Arlong Park, so try not to attempt the boss fight if you’re below level 240!

Skypiea – 315 to 600

  • This island’s levels take quite a jump, with a huge progression gap of 285 levels
  • Carrot sells you some useful accessories here, which you can equip once you’re level 315 (there’s no point getting these items when you’re below this level!)

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