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Many players opt to wield Fruit rather than weapons. But, if you prefer using weapons in combat, you should use this Demon Piece Weapons tier list! That isn’t to say you can’t experiment with both forms of battle styles, but I will say that they each have their own advantages.

Upgrade your arsenal via the Demon Piece Roblox page! Take a look at our Demon Piece Island Levels guide, or our Demon Piece Raids guide to learn more. For another One Piece-inspired game, read our Legacy Piece Races guide.

Demon Piece Weapons Tier List

Sheathe your blades, as you might have a D-tier weapon in your arsenal! Or, on the other hand, you might unexpectedly have an A-tier or higher one hidden within your inventory. No matter the rarity, a weapon can be classed in, its simplest form, as ‘good and ‘bad’. To get into the nitty gritty though, the rankings below look deeper into the rarities and individual strengths of each weapon.

S Tier

The best weapons to wield in Demon Piece. The weapons below are most likely within the Unique and Mythical rarities…

  • Tidebreaker (Mythical)
  • Forest Nymphs (Unique)
  • Darkblade (Mythical)

A Tier

I really like these weapons, even if they’re admittedly weaker than those in the S-tier.

  • Shark Saw (Legendary)
  • Skyborne Lance (Legendary)
  • Holy Book (Mythical)
  • Golden Staff (Mythical)

B Tier

All of these weapons are a mixture of good and average. Are they recommended? Sure! They’re not to be relied on though.

  • Katana (Uncommon)
  • Jitte (Rare)
  • Axe-Hand (Uncommon)
  • Longsword (Rare)
  • Scimatter Daggers (Epic)
  • Golden Hook (Epic)
  • Blast Cannon (Epic)
  • Sandai (Epic)
  • Captain’s Rapier (Epic)

C Tier

I don’t think these weapons should be considered ‘good’ in any sense.

  • Flintlock (Common)
  • Iron Mace (Uncommon)
  • Cannon (Rare)
  • Musket (Uncommon)
  • Pipe (Rare)
  • Warrior’s Spear (Uncommon)

D Tier

Truly the bluntest of blades… or staffs.

  • Wooden Staff (Common)
  • Cutlass (Common)

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