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Whether you need to farm boss fights or just save up your Beli, this Demon Piece Best Accessories guide should let you know which you’ll be doing more of!

Head to the game’s official Roblox page to fight some bosses for their accessories! To see how we ranked every single accessory in One Piece title, check out our Demon Piece Accessories Tier List.

Demon Piece Best Accessories

You either have fantastic, good, average, or bad accessories. So, which ones are the best?

Best Accessory All-Around

Right! So, what is the best accessory out of them all? It’s undoubtedly the Straw Hat, which is of the Unique rarity. At this moment, it’s the only Unique accessory in Demon Piece. This means that there could be a newer accessory within this rarity that knocks it out of the park. The Mystery Chest grants you the Straw Hat as a 7-day login reward!

  • Sword damage, Fighting Style damage, and Devil Fruit damage get a boost of 10%
  • You move 5% faster
  • Both your stamina and HP regenerate 5% quicker, whilst also getting a +500 HP increase

Common Accessories

While being one of the most common accessories to obtain, it’s pretty decent for what it is.

  • Reiner’s Scarf
    • Obtained via the Reiner boss in Windmill Village
    • Despite being a common item, it’s actually got quite the buff. Yes, +50 HP isn’t overly impressive when you compare it to some of the other accessories. However, for a common item, this is pretty good!

Uncommon Accessories

Even though they’re pretty common, these accessories are still great at what they do.

  • Orange Cape
    • Dropped by the Buggy boss in Orange Town
    • Like the Sun-Gazer Glasses below, your gun DMG is increased. However, it’s only increased by 10% rather than the 20%. To make up for it, you get +200 HP!
  • Sun-Gazer Glasses
    • The Sky Merchant in Skypiea sells this accessory at a cost of 55K Beli
    • You get a +15% movement speed buff and all DMG that you deal with a gun is increased by 20%

Rare Accessories

Rare accessories being strong is a surprise to no one, however, these ones are the exceptionally good.

  • Morgan’s Jaw
    • Dropped by the Morgan boss in Shell Town
    • While the Morgan’s Jaw accessory doesn’t provide you with additional HP like the Warrior Helmet, you do get a nice 10% boost to your Fighting Style damage and sword damage
  • Warrior Helmet
    • Costs 100K from the Ancient Warrior in the Colosseum
    • Both your Fighting Style Resistance and DMG are increased by 5%. Oh, and you also receive a whopping +500 HP!

Epic Accessories

The top accessories of the Epic variety!

  • Dragon Tooth Necklace
    • The Sand Dragon boss has a chance to drop this accessory! This boss is located in Sandora
    • This accessory provides you with multiple boosts, which is really cool for an Epic rarity piece:
      • Your Fighting Style damage and resistance get a 10%increase
      • Your character’s speed is increased by 12%
      • Both your HP and stamina stats are increased by 250
  • Skyfarer’s Hat
    • The Sky Merchant sells the Skyfarer’s Hat for 250K Beli in Skypiea
    • Not only do you get +350 HP, but your stamina regeneration gets a 15% boost, and your movement speed is 20% faster

Legendary Accessories

All of the Legendary accessories are good, but these are certainly the best.

  • Fishman’s Belt
    • The only way to get this belt is by defeating the Arlong boss in Arlong Park
    • Your resistance to any Fighting Style gets a 10% buff, and your sword damage becomes 15% stronger
    • Your overall HP stat is now higher by 350
  • Hawk Hat
    • You better save up your Beli, as you can only get the Hawk Hat by spending 1M Beli. The Fisherman in Arlong Park sells this accessory!
    • Your sword damage gets a 15% buff and so does your stamina regen – your Observation Dodge also gains a +1

Mythical Accessories

They may be Mythical, but they exist! Here are my favourites:

  • Abyssal Gauntlets
    • The Sea Dragon boss in the Forbidden Sea drops these gauntlets!
    • With this accessory being a Mythical, you get a variety of buffs, such as:
      • Damage dealt with your Fighting Style gets a 15% increase
      • The speed at which you move is now +15%
      • Any damage you deal with a sword is increased by 7%
      • Your overall resistance against all types of damage is now +5%
  • Poseidon’s Regalia
    • Like the Abyssal Gauntlet above, the Sea Dragon boss drops this item
    • Mythical accessories sure do pack a punch with their buffs:
      • +5% speed buff
      • 5% resistance to all damage
      • Stamina gets a 650 buff
      • Damage dealt with fruit is now 15% stronger
      • Your HP regenerates 10% faster
      • You gain 2 more Observation Dodge, and your Observation now has a 25% larger range

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