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Can’t work out how to unlock one of the Demon Piece Fighting Styles? Scroll down to find out more about each Fighting Style, how to unlock them, and each Mastery Level ability.

Dive into the One Piece game via the official Roblox page. Check out our Demon Piece Fruit Tier List to see which types of Fruit you should use alongside your Fighting Style!

Demon Piece Fighting Styles

There are 3 Fighting Styles to unlock in Demon Piece as of right now! I would say that Electro Fist and Black Leg are the Fighting Styles that you should aim towards if you’re looking for a strong one. The Fist Fighting Style is fine, but you don’t want to be using it when you get to the higher levels.

Electro Fist Fighting Style

  • Mastery Level 1
  • Mastery Level 75
  • Mastery Level 150

How to Obtain Electro Fist

Head to Skypia, which is an island that you can access from level 315+. You’ll notice the platforms above you, but you’re looking for a very specific one for this! Look for the Golden City, and make your way to a platform that is located close by it.

The NPC you’re looking for is called Carrot! They have the appearance of a rabbit with an orange hat. By interacting with Carrot, they will request 200K Beli, which is used to purchase the Electro Fist Fighting Style.

Black Leg Fighting Style

  • Mastery Level 0
  • Mastery Level 65
  • Mastery Level 150
  • Mastery Level 250

How to Obtain Black Leg

Head to Baratie and walk up to the top floor. Keep in mind that Baratie can be accessed once you’re level 100+. The reason why you’re in the Baratie is because you’re looking for the Sanji NPC! Once you find him, speak to him, and he’ll ask you for 150K Beli in return for the Black Leg Fighting Style.

Fist Fighting Style

  • Mastery Level 10
  • Mastery Level 20

How to Obtain Fist

Visit Logue Town Island and head in the North-West direction to find the NPC called Khabib. Give him 1K Beli to learn the Fist Fighting Style! It’s the cheapest one to purchase and unlock when you’re new to the game.

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