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Don’t bother with guesswork, and use our Demon Piece Accessories tier list instead! We’ve taken a look at all of the obtainable accessories in-game and taken into account the buffs they grant you with.

Sail over to the Demon Piece Roblox page to see if you have any S-tier accessories in your inventory! While you’re here, you might as well have a nosey at our Demon Piece Materials guide and our Demon Piece Fighting Styles guide, which teaches you how to unlock all of the Fighting Styles in the game so far.

Demon Piece Accessories Tier List

With all these different rarities, it’s tough to know which accessories are worth your time when farming content. Use the rankings below to determine which accessories you should focus on first and foremost. You may notice that some of the more common accessories can sometimes be pretty strong – not S-tier strong though…

S Tier

The best accessories to obtain in Demon Piece! If you manage to get one of these accessories, make sure to equip it instantly.

  • Dragon Tooth Necklace (Epic)
  • Poseidon’s Regalia (Mythical)
  • Cyborg Glasses (Mythical)
  • Abyssal Gauntlets (Mythical)
  • Straw Hat (Unique)

A Tier

The accessories in this tier come with some great buffs – just not as great as those above in S-tier!

  • Warrior Helmet (Rare)
  • Smoke Admiral’s Cape (Epic)
  • Morgan’s Jaw (Rare)
  • Hawk Hat (Legendary)
  • Skyfarer’s Hat (Epic)
  • Bear Hat (Mythical)
  • Tomoe Drums (Mythical)
  • Fishman’s Belt (Legendary)
  • Captain’s Helmet (Epic)

B Tier

You could say these accessories are ‘mid’. In fact, that’s what they are.

  • Reiner’s Scarf (Common)
  • Desert King’s Cape (Legendary)
  • Sun-Gazer Glasses (Uncommon)
  • Orange Cape (Uncommon)
  • Jungle Crown (Rare)
  • Runner Headband (Uncommon)
  • Barrel Helm (Rare)

C Tier

You can’t really expect too much from accessories that have a decent drop rate chance.

  • Marine Hat (Uncommon)
  • Athlete Headband (Uncommon)
  • Warrior Headband (Uncommon)

D Tier

In terms of usefulness, these accessories are worthless.

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