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Uniquely, Demon Piece allows for a sense of progression through crafting. This Demon Piece Materials Guide tells you all about the materials from rarity, use, how to get it and more!

Check out Demon Piece over on Roblox. For more Demon Piece content have a nosey at our Demon Piece Map guide and Demon Piece Raids Guide.

Demon Piece Materials Guide

Defeating bosses and shopping aren’t the only ways to get new equipment. As you traverse the islands looting chests, squashing enemies and bosses, you’ll accumulate a few odd material scraps. These materials can be forfeited into crafting weapons, accessories, upgrading and enchanting styles such as Haki and weapon durability etc.

In this next section, I’ll break down each material by its rarity telling you what it’s used for, how to get it and more!

Common Materials

  • Copper Nuggets – A weak material used for crafting low-tier weapons.
  • Leather – Basic material used to upgrade weaponry
    • Obtained via Chests and certain enemies
  • Wood Plank – Used for basic weapon crafting and repairs
    • Obtained from breaking trees
  • Fiber Ropes – Creates a binding for basic grip upgrades
    • Obtained from Chests and various enemies
  • Iron Ore – A little improved from Copper Ore – used for crafting simple weapons

Uncommon Materials

  • Gunpowder – Increases gun power
    • Obtained via Chests (only in Shells Town), and enemies
  • Hardened Glass – Sharp shards used for bladed weapons
    • Obtained from Chests and enemies
  • Fish Scales – Used for basic weaponry reinforcements
    • Obtained from defeating Fishmen NPC (not players)
  • Tree Sap – Added to weapons to absorb shock and enhance grip
    • Obtained from defeating Jungle Island enemies, or breaking trees
  • Gorilla Fur – Simple weapon forging material
    • Obtained from defeating King Abu boss
  • Steel Alloy – A little stronger than Iron used as an upgrade material
    • Obtained from popping Chests and defeating various enemies

Rare Materials

  • Spirit Gem – A rare gem capable of channelling Haki and enchanting the damage of a weapon
  • Sunlight Stone – A sun-shaped stone that enhances weapon durability
    • Obtained from any enemy, boss or chest in Sandora
  • Aurora Steel – A strong metal used in crafting
    • Obtained from Guard Captain
  • Angel Feather – Adds unique enhancements to weaponry
    • Obtained from defeating any enemy or boss in Skypiea

Epic Materials

  • Mystic Pearls – This material is used to create a balance for equipment and add damage
    • Obtained from any enemy, boss or chest at Arlong Park and Skypiea
  • Dragon Scales – Used in crafting for reinforcements
    • Obtained from defeating the Sand Dragon in Sandora

Legendary Materials

  • Giant’s Bone – Used to craft legendary-grade weapons
    • Found from the corpses of giant enemies
  • Timeless Wood – The rarest type of wood that a player can obtain used in crafting and repairs
    • Obtained from breaking trees
  • White Plume Essence – Smoker’s devil fruit remnants that can be embedded into weapons to enhance them
    • Obtained from defeating Smoke Admiral (Smoker boss)
  • Diamond – A sturdy material used in crafting

Mythical Materials

  • Dragon’s Heartstone – A heart-shaped stone which contains the soul of a dragon.
    • Obtained from Sea Dragon raid boss
  • Celestial Crystal – A cluster of crystals channelling pure energy
    • Obtained from defeating Thunder God (Enel boss)

Unique Materials

  • Armament Orbs – Changes the colour of your Armament Haki
  • Observation Orbs – Changes the colour of your Observation Haki
  • Stat Point Orbs – Resets stat points
  • Race Orbs – Resets your Race

Misc Materials

  • Computer Micro Chip – Used to activate the Kuma Raid Boss
    • Obtained via Mysterious Scientist or Sea Dragon Raid boss
  • Scroll – Used to obtain Armament Haki from Alphirex
    • Spawn Locations:
    • Windmill Village
    • Shell Town
    • Orange Town
    • Jungle
    • Baratie

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