RNG Gods Codes – Are There Codes?

By admin Apr22,2024
Our RNG Gods codes guide. It shows the upgrade shop in-game, with a cauldron glowing purple.

Eager to maximize your Luck and minimize your cooldowns on RNG Gods? Who wouldn’t? One mechanic that many RNG games have are promo codes, that you can redeem in-game for prizes. We set out to find if there any RNG Gods codes, or a way to redeem them inside the game.

RNG Gods is free to play over on Roblox. Want to return to the original? We’ve got a Sol’s RNG Biomes guide to try.

RNG Gods Codes

Right, to business. We’ll go over any active codes we’ve found if there are any, and discuss a bit about a code redemption process if one’s been added to the game yet.

Active Codes

Here is where any active codes for the game go.

  • There don’t appear to be any active codes right now, with no evidence of any on the game’s official community channels.
  • We’ll update this if there are find anything useful.

How To Redeem Codes

Here’s where any existing process for code redemption goes.

  • According to the RNG Gods official Discord, there is no working code redemption process in the game at the moment.
  • Roblox games often release large content updates, so a code function may appear later.

How To Get Bonuses Without Codes

Who needs codes anyway? There are other ways to score bonuses in-game without having to rely on promos. So we’ve detailed a few of those below.

  • Power – Every time you roll an Aura more Power is added to your total. Once you have enough Power you can use it to buy Upgrades that increase your luck, roll speed or fruit duration.
  • Luck Panels – There are glowing green panels scattered around the world, often on top of hills. Tag one to teleport back to spawn with a Luck boost!
  • Gift Shop – Players can buy Instraroll for the whole server, or spawn 100 Fruits via the Gift Shop pedestal, so if someone is feeling very generous, you might get super lucky!

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