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Want to know what you rolled in Murim Cultivation? Well, you’re in the right place. Our Murim Cultivation race guide goes over each of the races in the Roblox game and lets you know what you get, so you’re free to decide whether to splurge on a reroll.

Murim Cultivation is a Roblox martial arts game where you strive to reach inner peace, but also inspire inner panic to your opponents. Break through into higher levels of mastery through meditation, then put your skills to the test in combat.

You can play Murim Cultivation now via Roblox.

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Murim Cultivation Race Guide

Here we’ll outline the answers to any burning questions you might have.

About Races

Races are a set of player-available species that you are randomly assigned on character creation. These give cosmetic changes, as well as potentially impacting your stats. Some of these races are rarer than others, and you will need to acquire a reroll to change from the one you were assigned.

Race List

Here we’ll outline the races available.


The most common race and your average player experience. No additional cosmetics.


An uncommon race distinguished by their cat-like ears.

  • 20% Speed buff.
  • Can learn the ‘Neko Barrage’ skill from the Neko Trainer Nyatasha.


An uncommon race you can pick out by the spiky crest on their head, and the scaly tail.

  • 10% Speed Buff
  • 10% Damage Buff


A short race that appears smaller than most characters, it’s fairly rare to show up in rolls.

  • 10% Speed Buff
  • 20% Damage Buff
  • 20% Health Buff


A rare race you can recognize by their tall stature and pointy ears.

  • 10% Speed Buff
  • 35% Qi Buff


A very rare race with a tail, horns, and draconic wings. While the wings aren’t functional, it does come with decent buffs.

  • 30% Damage Buff
  • 20% Health Buff
  • 30% Qui Buff
  • Can learn ‘Dragon’s Breath’ from trainer Dragon Clansman.

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