KT Shop Type Soul Guide

By admin Apr22,2024
Our KT Shop Type Soul guide. It shows an Arrancar player character stood in front of the shop NPC in-game.

Want to get your hands on some rare and desirable items? Well the KT Raid Shop is the place to look for some of the best, and it’s easy to find and use when you know a few tricks. Our KT Shop Type Soul guide gives you the lowdown on the shop, and a sneaky strat to access it easily.

Type Soul is available to play right now on Roblox. Want more about one of the shops’s top prizes? Try our Type Soul Hollow Box guide.

KT Shop Type Soul Guide

Okay, time to get into the details.

What Is The KT Shop?

The term ‘KT Shop’ refers to the Karakura Town Raid Shop, a special vendor found in the residential area of the Karakura Town location. It sells some important and sometimes necessary items for decent builds, including the following:

  • Blue Pill – $150,000
  • Hollow Box – $40,000
  • Spirit Box – $80,000
  • Hierro Plating – $40,000
  • Accessories

How To Use The KT Shop

The KT Shop is found in the housing area of Karakura Town, in amongst the nicer hours. Look for a dark-colored building with a balcony, visible from the Karakura Town bridge. There is an NPC standing on the balcony itself. This is the vendor NPC.

Simple, right? Well, not quite. The KT Shop is only available after a successful raid. All other times it won’t be of any use to you. The NPC will simply say ‘You don’t look like a winner in my town.’ and refuse to deal with you. Cold.

Top Tip – Using The KT Shop Without A Raid Win

Don’t feel down to battle it out in a Raid? There is one little trick you can use to access the KT Shop without even drawing a weapon. Use the Server Browser in the top left corner and jump through different KT servers. If your faction won a raid there in the last 30 minutes, the shop should be open whether you personally helped or not. Handy!

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