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By admin Apr20,2024

Free potions are found here! And maybe some other rewards too. Find out by using our Anime Swords X Codes guide to discover a world of freebies at your fingertips.

All the action can be found on the Anime Swords X Roblox page! We quite like freebies here at Gamezebo, so we’ve got a lot of code guides that we frequently update. Take a look at our Anime Clash Codes and our Cursed RNG Codes.

Anime Swords X Codes

At this current time, there are Energy Potions, Status Resets and a Shadow Key up for grabs! I check for new codes regularly, so there’s always a possibility that a fresh reward is added at any moment. Why not bookmark this page so you don’t forget? It’s worth it!

Currently Active Codes

All codes will expire one day. Which is why you should redeem them as soon as you possibly can! Next time you log into the game, get these codes redeemed so you don’t miss out on a bunch of freebies.

  • Release (New!)
    • 1 Energy Potion
    • 1 Status Reset
  • UpdateFix
    • 1 Status Reset
    • 1 Energy Potion

Steps to Redemption… That Sounds Serious

Ahem. The process sounds a lot milder than the subheading makes it sound. Just follow the steps below to find the codes section in Anime Swords X. Once you’ve found it, you can enter the active codes, and receive your freebies. The game will alert you if the code you entered doesn’t work, so make sure you copy the codes down exactly.

  • Click the shopping cart icon to the left of the screen
    • This opens up the shop window!
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of this window to find the codes section
  • Type in a code into the blank text box that reads ‘Code here…’
    • Or you can copy and paste a code from our guide
  • Click the green ‘Redeem’ button to get your free rewards.

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