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Can’t find any Legacy Piece Fruits? The obtainment method doesn’t follow the usual mechanics of similar Roblox games. Read on to find out more, including which Fruits are the rarest!

To learn more about Legacy Piece, head to Roblox! Curious about the Devil Fruits? Check out our Legacy Piece Fruit Tier List and our Legacy Piece Best Fruit guide.

Legacy Piece Fruits

Fruits are one of the main features of any One Piece-inspired game. Also called Devil Fruits, you need to collect the rarest pieces of Fruit to unlock the strongest abilities. That isn’t to say the more common Fruits are bad but those in the Legendary category are going to be much better in combat!

Obtaining Fruits

To obtain Fruit, you need to hunt for them – hence the rarities! Despite what you might think, you don’t spin for them. They spawn underneath trees throughout the map. There isn’t a specific tree or island that houses the rarest or most common Fruit.

Instead, you just need luck on your side when looking under any tree. Legendary Fruits are the rarest to appear, which means you’ll more than likely come across the 75% Common Fruits first and sometimes the 20% Rare Fruits.

Be warned though, as Fruit can only be picked up by a single player before it disappears. So, avoid trees where other players are standing, as they won’t hesitate to take a Legendary Fruit if it appears.

Common Fruits

All Common Fruits have a 75% chance to drop, making them the most obtained Fruits in the game.

  • Chop
    • Chop Strike
    • Chop Rush
    • Chop Festival
    • Chop Car (Traversal)
  • Spin
    • Spin Barrage
    • Spin Tornado
    • Spin Flight (Traversal)

Rare Fruits

You have a 20% chance to obtain one of the Rare Fruits, which are admittedly, a lot stronger than the Common Fruits above.

  • Wax
    • Wax Launch
    • Wax Floor
    • Candle Light
    • Wax Boxing Gloves
  • Bomb
    • Bomb Kick
    • Self Explosion
    • Mines
  • Weapon
    • Espada Slash
    • Iron Arm
    • Sickle Spiral
    • Ultra Cannon
    • Missile (Traversal)
  • Diamond
    • Diamond Form
    • Brilliant Punk
    • Diamond: Right Hook
    • Diamond Hook
    • Diamond Dash (Traversal)

Legendary Fruits

The rarest Fruit to obtain in Legacy Piece (unless a higher rarity is released!). Each Legendary Fruit has a 1% chance to drop, making them the most powerful Fruits to have in the game.

  • Mera
    • Fire Flies
    • Fire Fist
    • Dai Enkai: Entei
    • Saint Elmo’s Fire
    • Flame Pillar
    • Flame Flight (Traversal)
  • Hie
    • Ice Partisan
    • Pheasant Beak
    • Ice Clone
    • Ice Age
    • Ice Stomp
    • Ice Bike (Traversal)
  • Paw
    • Pad Ho
    • Truppari Pad Ho
    • Rejuvenating Paw
    • Bear Shield
    • Ursus Sock
    • Paw Voyage (Traversal)

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