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Only an elite few players ever hone and master this technique. My Conquerors Haki King Legacy Guide tells you how to obtain this rare Haki and what it’s capable of.

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Conquerors Haki King Legacy Guide

In canon, Conquerors Haki is a rare ability only a few can perform and master. This explains the obtainment of Conquerors Haki in King Legacy being game pass exclusive. King Legacy also refers to this Haki as Haoshoku Haki, but to avoid confusion I’ll be referring to it as Conquerors Haki throughout this guide. Let’s get into it!

How To Get Conquerors Haki

Most commonly, this Haki is obtained via the King Legacy game pass store for 2,500 Robux. Pricey! However, a lucky few players have the chance to obtain Conquerors Haki when they first join the game. This 0.1% gamble will only be possible if you’re a new player and have an account older than 60 days.

What Can Conquerors Haki Do?

Conquerors Haki has the unique ability to overpower other players with a lower level than your own. This means the stronger you are in level, the more players you can overwhelm in combat. When overpowering, you’ll perform a temporary stun on opponents lasting 5 seconds, allowing you to follow up with attacks and combos. Conquerors Haki also overrides the Ken Haki and Observation Haki of other players.

What’s more, this Haki works on enemy NPCs. Similar with players though, anything at the same level or a level higher than you will not be impacted by the Conquerors Haki effect. When obtaining this Haki, you are assigned a random colour to represent it being either red or purple.

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