Hades RNG Pray Item Guide – How To Get, How To Use, And More!

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In a game all about luck, it’s fitting that prayer is such a powerful option. In this guide, I’ll teach you all about the Hades RNG Pray Item, and how it can lead you to Aura-based salvation.

Hades RNG is a Roblox game all about rolling the dice and winning rare Auras. You have unlimited rolls, so the only thing standing between you and some seriously snazzy Auras is time. Want to cut down that time considerably? Then read on to learn all about the Pray Item.

You can give Hades RNG a spin on Roblox right now. For more on the game, check out our Hades RNG Crafting guide and our Hades RNG CheatReal guide.

Hades RNG Pray Item Guide

In this guide, I’ll go over how to get the Pray Item, and how you can use it.

How To Get Pray

Pray is a consumable Item, and you can find it lying on the ground around the map. All Items, Pray included, spawn in randomly, so the best way to find one is just to keep moving and covering as much ground as possible. Pray Items are easy to spot, as they’re bright yellow stars that stick out against the other block colours of the ground.

What Does Pray Do?

When used, Pray gives you a random Luck bonus, ranging from 1 to 777. This bonus lasts for 60 seconds. The range on this is, naturally, huge, but on average you’ll get a huge 388 Luck boost, which will help you roll some serious Auras. Make sure you’re ready to roll as often as possible once you use a Pray Item to get the most out of it. If you can pair the bonus with a craftable Gwa Gwa Item, you can maximise its effectiveness.

Pray Badges

There are also 3 Badges tied to the Pray Item. If you hit the absolute jackpot and get a 777 Luck bonus after using a Pray, you’ll receive the ‘Lucky!’ Badge. You can also earn the ‘WHAT.’ Badge by getting a 776 Luck bonus, and the ‘Cursed’ Badge for getting a 666 Luck bonus. The chances of any of these happening are incredibly low, but if you get in the habit of searching for Pray Items with Auto Roll on you’ll get them eventually.

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