Cursed Sea Events Guide – Bonus EXP, Chests and Gems!

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The image shows the back of my avatar who for some reason has pink hair in this game rather than her usual black. In the distance are huge trees with full canopies linked together by ropes and high bridges. Further out from the trees is the distance ocean and tall stone like pillars.

This Cursed Sea Events guide covers the permanent events which happen server-wide in timed intervals. Inside this guide is information on each event, its location and rewards. Read on to learn more!

Events are a great way to gain some extra loot, if you’re prepared that is. They offer a hearty sum of EXP, Bounty, Gems and Chests which can contain rare and valuable Accessories, Weapons and Curses!

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Cursed Sea Events Guide

There are currently two main events within Cursed Seas servers: World Events and Flag Captures.

World Events – This event spawns every hour near Beginners Island. There are two possible versions of this event which can go live: King of the Hill or World Boss.

King of the Hill is a PvP last-man-standing brawl. You and other pirates will battle to be ‘King of the Hill’, a test to determine your strength versus your pirate peers. World Boss is a simpler approach where instead of PvP, you ally temporarily with fellow Pirates to take down a World Boss. Both events have three tiers of rewards which are the following:

  • First Place: 750 Gems and a Malevolent Chest
  • Second Place: 500 Gems
  • Third Place: 300 Gems

Flag Captures – Flag Captures, more commonly known as capture the flag, is an event which reboots every 10-15 minutes of active server time. Hosted on Maple Island (Second Island), this minigame pits you against other real-time players in PvP to grab the flag. If you or a crew member has the flag when time is up you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Soul EXP (Haki EXP)
  • 75 Gems
  • 250 Bounty

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