Crossy Seas Fuses Roguelike Gameplay, City-Building and Voxel Art

By admin Mar25,2024

The yellow rubber duckies that were your bathtime play pals have now come to life with Chuck The Duck In: Crossy Seas. It’s a new casual indie game that’s a mixture of roguelike adventure and city-building. Dropped on Android recently, it’s free to play.

Chuck The Duck In: Crossy Seas has been published by TheoTGames. They have dropped other fun games on Android like Bouncy Ball: Idle Cash, Dart Dash: Casual Tap Darts and Please Mind The Closing Doors.

What’s Chuck The Duck In About?

In the game, you play as Chuck and your job is to pretty up Ducksville. The journey is filled with heaps to discover. You wander around, snatch up collectables amidst a roguelike landscape one minute, and then switch gears to grow your own city the next.

It’s not a simple journey, though! You have enemies looking for a fight and plenty of traps to keep you on your webbed toes. The good thing is that there are power-ups to give you an edge each time you embark on a fresh run.

Chuck The Duck In: Crossy Seas, you’ll be lobbing bombs and cruising on water skis armed with rockets. You get a bunch of surprises in Ducksville as well, so watch out! To get through this wild world, you just need to tap and drag around and make sure you jump at the right moments. On that note, take a peek at Chuck The Duck In below!

Chuck’s A Good Sport!

Chuck The Duck In: Crossy Seas is a retro-style game with cute voxel graphics. So, if you’re ready to dive in, get the game from the Google Play Store. If you want to learn more about the game, check out the official website and see what all the quack is about!

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