Thelema: A Psychic Punch to Honkai Impact

By admin Mar25,2024

Honkai v7.4 introduces Thelema Battlesuit and Equipment Supply, which will span four action-packed weeks, starting April 25th for SEA, GLB, and KR servers and continuing until May 24th.

A-Ranks Assemble!

Thelema is a powerful PSY-type battlesuit, ready to dominate the battlefield with her astral abilities. Wielding a pair of chained blades, she has attacks that can control and manipulate enemies.

Who’s alongside her? Introducing Sundenjager, a solid A-rank who adds lightning power to a team. Valkyrie Bladestrike, a battlesuit that can still hold its own. Also, Yamabuki Armor, this fire-wielding A-rank battlesuit, is an excellent choice for newer captains.

Supply Details and Team Synergy

Thelema Battlesuit and Equipment Supply will feature a bounty of gear to power up your new fighter. Alongside Thelema’s battlesuit, you’ll have a chance to snag these items:

Signature Weapon: This weapon complements Thelema’s fighting style, maximizing her damage output. Plus the Stigmata Set: A set that will further enhance Thelema’s abilities, unlocking her potential as a psychic warrior.

While Thelema is a formidable fighter, her ideal teammate, Senadina, won’t be available in this supply. Finding a suitable replacement can be tricky. Sushang Kira might be a stopgap option, but there are better fits than this one, especially for Symphony weather stages.

Thelema’s banner coincides with a complimentary stigma box event, hinting that v7.4 will likely last six weeks. This extended patch gives you ample time to test Thelema and decide if she fits your team well. Additionally, during v7.4, you’ll receive a complimentary stigma selector specifically for Thelema, allowing you to customize her further.

If the disappearance of Helia and Coralie makes someone miss the support, opportunities are all over the battlefield, whatever they are. It is a matter of having a suitable team, a psychological analysis of their possibilities, and contingencies and being prepared to change and adapt on a flying battlefield.

So, Should You Pull For Thelema?

The decision depends on your current roster and playstyle. If you’re a veteran captain with solid support like Senadina, Thelema can be a powerhouse addition. New captains might find building a team around her more challenging. Download Honkai Impact 3rd on the Google Play Store!

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