Get in the Tower, Shinji! Tower of Fantasy x Evangelion Collaboration Drops In March

By admin Mar21,2024

Tower of Fantasy gets a mecha makeover as it teams up with Neon Genesis Evangelion! Starting March 28th, you can join iconic characters in a battle against a mysterious new threat. Pilot giant robots, explore new areas, and collect special rewards in the Tower of Fantasy x Evangelion Collaboration.

Rei Ayanami’s Entry!

Her entry has lately become the highlight of the Tower of Fantasy x Evangelion Collaboration. The unknown pilot of Evangelion’s EVA-00, Rei, arrives in the Tower of Fantasy. Rei is known for having a strange personality and always doing what she’s told.

With her blue hair and white battle suit, Rei is a mystery, but her calm demeanor hides a brave spirit. This skilled fighter can be used as a Simulacrum, adding her unwavering drive to your group. From March 28th, you can add Rei to their party as a playable Simulacrum.

Asuka and Pen Pen Join in

The fiery Asuka Shikinami Langley brings her dynamic combat style to the table. As another playable Simulacrum, Asuka unleashes powerful attacks and offers valuable off-field damage buffs. Don’t forget about Pen Pen, Asuka’s adorable penguin companion, who will waddle alongside you on your adventures.

New Mech Gameplay and More

Inspired by the iconic Evas, a new type of vehicle lets you experience the thrill of piloting a mechanized giant. The Evangelion collaboration expands Tower of Fantasy’s gameplay by introducing mecha battles. Pilot towering machines and engage in epic clashes against the Angels.

An Abundance of Rewards and Events 

Tower of Fantasy introduces exciting events like the limited-time quiz challenge during this collaboration. Test your knowledge and skills to win rewards, including the coveted DC currency.

There is more to the Evangelion partnership than just introducing new characters and great fights. In addition, there are enthralling events and awards that can be obtained: 

You may put your knowledge of Evangelion to the test and win in-game goodies like Dark Crystals (DC) and special goods by participating in the limited-time quiz event. 

In order to get a Smart Servant, a new costume, and other valuable goodies, you will need to participate in the Absolute Defence Front event. This will allow you to unlock exclusive gear. Download Tower of Fantasy on the Google Play Store to join the Evangelion collaboration!

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