Epic Clash, A Fortnite-Like Title, Hits Early Access In Select Regions

By admin Mar21,2024

Miniclip.com, the publisher of Subway Surfers, just dished out a new strategy game called Battle Rivals: Epic Clash. It’s not a global launch though. Battle Rivals: Epic Clash has entered early access in Italy and Portugal on Android for now.

What’s The Deal With Battle Rivals: Epic Clash?

In Battle Rivals: Epic Clash, you’re the boss of your very own army, crafting strategies and managing troops. You can jump into battles with friends, join clans and gun for the top spot on the community scoreboard.

Choosing a side in Battle Rivals: Epic Clash is good enough as you get a bunch of options, like the tough Spartans or the ferocious Vikings. Pick the one that matches your style. And don’t forget to beef up your ranks with new units for that extra oomph. Outsmart and outmaneuvre the enemy by making the right calls on the fly.

So, make your army the best it can be, level up, set up sneaky archer ambushes and throw in those free soldiers where they’ll make the biggest smash. If you want to learn more about the game, head to their official website.

Do You Love Strategy Games?

If you do, then you’ll like Battle Rivals: Epic Clash. I know the mobile stores are swamped with strategy RPGS right now. But the game looks like it’s worth giving a try. So, head to the Google Play Store and get your hands on the game.

Miniclip.com is known for a bunch of popular titles, like 8 Ball Pool, Mini Basketball, Agar.io, Mini Football and more. If it sounds interesting and you’re in Italy or Portugal, then grab the game from the Google Play Store.

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